Phase 4

Phase 4, your last and final phase is focussed on your Core! The core is your powerhouse. All movements are initiated and supported by your core to build functional strength & prevent injury. We’re going to delve into the many ways you can train, support... read more

Phase 3

Phase 3 is Power Training! Ok, we have to admit this is our version of FUN, as our inner athletes are begging to play. Power tests your maximum effort through explosive movements, HIIT and big muscle training. read more

Phase 2

Phase 2 brings you Endurance Training! We’re working on building not only your cardiovascular stamina but your muscular stamina. Expect high volume, rolling sets and lower weight for your workouts! read more

Phase 1

Phase 1 is all about Strength building. You’ll notice right away with the 3 StrengthClass’ back to back! Don’t be afraid to pick up your heavy weights as strength isn’t built without them! Start in Block 1, follow the order of the classes then... read more