Semester 1

Building lifelong habits

Semester 1

your path to success

Semester 1 is our Full Year Program.  Formulated with 5 classes per week, we hit your fitness goals 4 phases at a time.

From Leg Week, Upper Body, Compound, Split & Level Up Week, we’ll progress you from start to the rest of your life.  We want to instil fitness for life so you can integrate movement into your daily framework. 

Join us in this crazy journey to build YOUR habits through this fully programmed and progressive program we call Semester 1.   

Phase 1

Months 1-3

With 60 no repeat classes, Phase 1 leads you through 5 classes/week including your recovery/de-load class.  Starting with Block 1 then finishing Phase 1 with Block 12

You’ll notice we formulate each week with a specific goal in mind. We have you covered from strength, cardio, HITT and recovery.

Phase 2

Months 4-6

You’re now getting a hang of things and maintaining habits. These next 12 weeks will continue to push you through Leg, Upper, Compound, Split & Level Up Weeks. 

You’re stronger than you were yesterday and these next 60 no repeat classes will challenge you through your next phase of growth. 

2 girls lifting weights

Phase 3

Months 7-9

By this point, you have created a routine that has become second nature. 

You are a part of the 3% of the population that wakes up and chooses movement on a consistent bases.   You’re incredible, so don’t let anything stand in your way. 

Phase 4

Months 10-12

This part of your journey is pushing you to a full year of hard work.  You’ve noticed that consistency pays off.  This program, as well as your commitment to finishing it speaks for itself.  

New goals, new dumbbells and your new confidence that tells you that you can finish, and finish well. 

Now get your ass to class!