4 Ways GymClass Is Like No Other Online Fitness Program

What usually comes to mind when someone mentions workouts or training is thoughts of rigorous physical activity, flat stomachs, and gallons of sweat. This perception of fitness can be detrimental to both your mental and physical health. That’s not what good health looks like. GymClass supports its community through functional fitness and embracing everyone’s health while encouraging and uplifting a positive female image.

Not A Weight Loss Company

Physical fitness doesn’t begin on the outside. Anyone who has started on a path to bodily health began that journey on the inside. Whatever your health goals may be, they do not have to be physically represented. GymClass is for you to channel your inner health on the exterior, and share your real body with our community, regardless of what your scale says. If you are here with us, then you are beautiful!

Science-backed workouts

With our extensive background in Kinesiology and personal training, we take what actually works to get you real results. We took the effectiveness of personal programming, combined it with the energy of group fitness to bring you everything you need in a fitness routine. GymClass offers dynamic online workouts,whether it be at your home or the gym, and welcoming you into a community that builds physical health and mental strength.

variety of classes available

We know everyone experiences their fitness journey differently. And you should too! Throughout our programming, you will find high and low impacts options in every class. We meet you where you’re at and push you stronger! At GymClass we’re not expecting you to acclimate to our style. Au contraire, in fact, we want to adjust to your needs! Whatever your speed, style, or fervor, we have THE membership for you. Explore our different fitness classes before you get started!

fun community

This workout stuff isn’t easy, and we know that. It takes support, and that’s why the GymClass community is so invaluable. No one is expected to make life changes or significant personal strides without having a team to help them champion their experiences! That’s what we’re here for, for you not to do this alone. And you won’t.

You may be starting your fitness journey for the first time or maybe you’re an expert looking for a safe space, nevertheless, GymClass is the perfect home. Pay per class, by month, or sign up for a full year! No matter what stage of your health path you are in, Get Your Ass To Class!